Game of Thrones Clothing, Courtesy of Brisbane-Based Black Milk

Black Milk Game of Thrones line

Winterfell jerseyAnd by Game of Thrones clothing, we do not mean a recreation of Daenerys Targaryen’s cool blue dress she wears everywhere.  The Brisbane-based label Black Milk won a licensing deal with HBO to make leggings and dresses featuring aspects of A Song of Ice and Fire.

So, from a brand who calls their biggest fans “Sharkies,” just in time for the show’s April 6th return, come a slew of wacky graphic designs depicting a map of the fictional Westeros, dragon egg prints (yes), and our favorite, contemporary, unisex jerseys for the various competing houses — Winterfell for the win, seen at right.

Silly though it might be, given the rabid fan base for the show, this particular example of fashion-meets-television will probably find its audience.  In terms of Hollywood franchising, it makes more sense (while being way more obvious) than the overreach of, say, nail polish based on the Muppets and Hunger Games characters.  We’re just pleasantly surprised that it’s coming from a niche, Australian-made label instead of someone more mainstream.