Club Monaco, The Independent Bookstore?

Club Monaco

As part of an effort to revamp its image, Club Monaco is opening branches of a Williamsburg coffeeshop and an independent bookstore in its renovated Manhattan flagship in the Flatiron District.  Even better, the bookstore will be operated by the Strand, one of New York’s most iconic booksellers.

Retailers everywhere are trying to figure out how to get shoppers through their physical doors.  Club Monaco’s tactic might one of the most charming yet, along with the most useful — Dad’s sick of shopping?  Well, just promise him he can sit down with an espresso and something to read while you finish trying things on.  Meanwhile, the brick-and-mortar renovations dovetail with Club Monaco’s digital presence.  Having an in-house library and a slow-pour coffee specialist intentionally reflect the ethos of Culture Club, the brand’s two-year-old lifestyle blog.

Last but not least, Club Monaco’s latest move is an interesting twist on the way stores are starting to do business in a new way.  Basically, renting space to two other businesses, who happen to be in line with how you want to present your brand, is a smart way to make the rent.  We wonder what other national, mid-priced labels are considering taking on roommates, so to speak.

But mostly, we just want to visit.  And if you just can’t find that out of print book of Dorothy Parker poems anywhere, maybe Club Monaco has it.  There’s one way to get a niche kind of customers into stores.