Luvocracy Solves the Pinterest Purchasing Problem

Luvocracy new lead image

Everyone’s biggest problem with Pinterest is that the links to shared products are often fruitless, right? Well, a Pinterest-like start-up solves that problem. Luvocracy completely bans users from posting items that are out of stock or unavailable to actually buy.

Sounds harsh, but maybe this is what the image/product/fashion sharing social Web needs.  To add incentive to the rule, Luvocracy offers rewards to users based off purchase facilitation.  When someone buys a product you’ve posted, they get the chance to thank you (so it also encourages sociability and politeness!) and upon doing so, you receive a credit.  It’s redeemable through the site, or you can get an actual check in the mail.

And of course, the start-up understands that items posted and originally in stock won’t stay that way.  If you let them know something posted is unavailable, Luvocracy will search for the item elsewhere, ultimately going so far as to contact the designer to let them know a site member wants the product.  In another move that’s unlike Pinterest, Luvocracy allows users to separate their inspiration boards between public and “backroom,” which is kept private.

The idea here seems to be marketplace first, social sharing second.  However, the former is totally driven by the latter.  With a plethora of social product sharing sites already established — think Wantworthy, Fancy, and Svpply in addition to Pinterest — Luvocracy takes the system to the next, useful level by emphasizing the purchasing ability component.

6 Responses to “Luvocracy Solves the Pinterest Purchasing Problem”

  1. Cheryl Hewitt

    Love the silver wrap around ring on pinterest. How can I order it

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