The 5 Best Online Consignment Shops

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A while back, we filled you in on the best ways to unload your closet online.  Herewith, we present an updated list to either clean out your closet for cash or find the best deals on consignment from a range of fashion industry denizens (which means, in other words, the goods available will be way more stylish than your average thrift store).  Besides the thrill of a good find, these five consignment start-ups are a great way to consume without consuming:

1. Tradesy:  Designer resale site Tradesy is already our personal go-to when it comes time to clean out our closets.  The site makes it easy to shop consignment via clothing category, and they have a special section for weddings (either buying or unloading).  They also offer a great rate to sellers, taking only 9% of sales.  Tradesy will send you a shipping kit to get your stuff out the door, but they’ll handle any returns (which they do accept).

2.  The Real Real:  With 72-hour-long sales presented by brand and style, shopping the Real Real — where items are selected by a stylist team and all luxury labels are authenticated — is a little like going shopping on the used version of Gilt Groupe.  Potential sellers can call the site directly to see if they have suitable fashion to unload.  If so, they’ll receive 60% of the sale price, or 70% after they’ve sold $5000 worth of clothing.  Returns are accepted.

3.  Vaunte:  Vaunte, which actually was founded by two Gilt Groupe alums, Leah Park and Christian Leone, just launched last fall but already has about 20,000 members.  The site features beautifully shot closets from notables including Lela Rose, Jill Kargman, and Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, among others.  Regular people can apply to sell through Vaunte, too.  Once items have been vouched for their style and authenticity, and approved, the site takes care of the rest of the selling process.  Returns are not currently accepted.

4.  Poshmark:  Poshmark fosters a community atmosphere to enable members to easily browse the closets of sellers whose style they admire.  This site functions like a true consignment platform, with Poshmark providing the box for sales but sellers responsible for the actual shipping.  They also take a 20% commission of all sales.  There are no returns, but Poshmark will intervene if you feel an item you received was misrepresented.

5.  Closet Rich:  Rather than offering an open resale platform, Closet Rich offers a curated selection of styles from founder Elizabeth Kott’s clients.  The site specializes in gently worn fashion from accessible luxury brands like Coach and Rag & Bone.  They also accept returns (although you need to get them in the mail within three days of receipt).

17 Responses to “The 5 Best Online Consignment Shops”

  1. Mindy

    I tried to sign up on Poshmark but the only way is thru Facebook. They require that you allow access to your contacts in FB which I won’t do. Maybe I am missing something…

  2. Nancy

    I wanted to sign up on Poshmark–I went to their website and read ABOUT selling on there but found no way to actually get started. (or to email them from the sight). I sent them an email from MY email, asking how to do this. they said the only way is to down load and app to your phone and do it all from their.
    Well i don’t have a phone to do that on and told them i hope they will make it so people can do it on line from their computer…..I mean that would only make sense!

  3. Wendy Post

    Shop Hers is outstanding – especially in service in accommodating the needs of their clients! Their merchandise is also priced exceptionally well – comparing some of the identical items, eg, Louis Vuitton bag on SH vs RR, the bag was 18% lower on SH vs RR; another example: I bought 2 Hemes scarves: one of them was being sold on RR & its twin was being sold on SH – the one on SH was $100.00 less!!

  4. Samantha Plesser


    I am looking for either light or dark green Burberry ear muffs to have shipped to me.

    My cat ate mine since I have had since college.

    Samantha L. Plesser

  5. AFV

    Ive been using TopShelfTags out of Los Angeles, CA

    They off a completely anonymous service and most of their clientele are actors, models, ceos, etc….

    reach out to their founder at topshelftags (at) gmail (dot) com or track them down via instagram and twitter.


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