Bloomingdale’s to Add Luxury-Driven Men’s Arcade

Turnbull & Asser at Bloomingdale's

Turnbull & Asser will be joined by three more brands in the store-within-a-store format at Bloomingdale’s this fall.

Bloomingdale’s upcoming men’s wear arcade hits three physical retail trends on the nose — first, it represents a shift toward luxury, second, it embraces the new store-within-a-store format, and last, it focuses on the guys.

These areas have been recent major in-store selling points, and Bloomingdale’s seems poised to get in on all three of them in one go.  Come fall, the department store’s New York flagship will feature leased shops for Gucci, Prada, and Louis Vuitton, all solely carrying men’s shoes and accessories.  This isn’t the first we’ve heard of department stores turning over floor-space to showcase individual brands, but it is the first time it comes with a more complete inventory overhaul.  To offset their new focus on luxury, Bloomingdale’s is adding in younger, harder-to-find contemporary brands like the Kooples and Sandro (both French) as well refreshing some other, pre-existing in-house shops, like Thomas Pink and Ferragamo.

And just to keep things fun, the store is also adding a tech shop, Power On, into the mix.  With the growth of sales of men’s wear generally doing laps around women’s fashion, making a fresh appeal like this to an all-male demographic is pretty logical — we’ll be interested to see if the commitment to luxury holds up, too.

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