DKNY's Fake Social Media Buzz is So Meta and So Effective

DKNY just out-hipped everybody else on Twitter.  To celebrate a new London flagship and generate buzz, the brand’s social media maven, Aliza Licht, made a video mapping made-up tweets about a made-up party to celebrate the new location.

Granted, Licht got real high-profile people (Carmelo Anthony!) to join the conversation with some faked Twitter commentary on the “party” they were “going to.”  As the video moves along, more people react, using the hashtag #UK2012.  The buzz spreads out to Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest.  The event is still not real.

Our favorite part might be a chat conversation between Paper‘s Mickey Boardman and Elle‘s Joe Zee.  Like we said, Licht got a lot of very legit people, both in fashion and not, to do some very faked conversing about an event that’ll never take place.  And how many people saw those tweets and posts put up for the sake of the video?  Probably thousands.   Oh, and the London DKNY flagship is open.  Even if the video is a spoof, the publicity, and the new shop, are as real as can be.

4 Responses to “DKNY's Fake Social Media Buzz is So Meta and So Effective”

  1. MaGuy

    I found out she was fake too! She was following me on Twitter then daipspeared and when I searched her name, I found the girls real names and her real friends, catching out Hattie’ ROB, yeah she talks about her friends and work but she didn’t ever tag them in her tweets cos she’s NOT REAL! The real girl is hardly on Twitter and barely has any followers! It’s gotta be so creepy for her for someone to put this much effort into catfishing her!

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