Rue La La Discovers Mobile Shoppers Are Major Spenders

Rue La La on the iPad

Online flash sale venue Rue La La recently drew some remarkable conclusions about its shoppers’ web provenance, including the fact that the percentage of customers buying from a mobile phone has risen from 10% to 75% over the past two years.  That’s huge.  Even more significantly, the company also discovered that merely accessing multiple web channels means consumers will, well, consume a whole lot more.

When Rue La La customers were able to shop across three channels or more — think iPad, mobile phone, and desktop — they were 540 percent more likely to make a purchase than a shopper using only one method to access the site.  Within the mobile sphere alone, the iPhone saw more frequent visits from shoppers, but the bigger iPad screen allowed for more purchases per visit.

While the breakdown between frequency of visitation vs. actual sales is notable, the point here seems to be that easily-accessed mobile commerce means an incredible uptick in purchases.  If ever there was a lesson to retailers to attack on all fronts, this would be it.

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