Oxfam Employs 83-Year-Old Model on Charitable Big Bra Hunt

Daphne Selfe for Oxfam's Big Bra Hunt

Everything about this is great: to promote their new “Big Bra Hunt” charitable initiative, Oxfam is using an 83-year-old model as a poster child.

Daphne Selfe was shot by Perou to promote the Oxfam Big Bra Hunt.

At the risk of being obvious, we love the fact that Oxfam employed Daphne Selfe to pose for a shoot to solicit women’s used bras.  As she’s been modeling since the 50s, Selfe proves that not everything — and everyone — in the fashion industry is disposable as soon as it’s no longer new.

Because it’s not widely realized that women in developing countries are in need of decent brassieres, Oxfam is asking for donations of the garment from British women.  The organization will either re-sell what they receive, to use the funds for their work in Senegal, or will ship the goods to Frip Ethique, an Oxfam social enterprise, also in Senegal, which is staffed by local women.

It’s an important initiative with an appropriate face — but the best part might be what Selfe is wearing.  Rather than pose in any old undergarments, the model donned a replica of the iconic Jean Paul Gaultier conical bra worn by Madonna back in 1990.  To make a point (no pun intended) we don’t think Oxfam could have come up with a more memorable, visually impactful image than that.

4 Responses to “Oxfam Employs 83-Year-Old Model on Charitable Big Bra Hunt”

  1. carol

    I love this…what a great choice! There are great beauties in their
    eighties and nineties!

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