Glamour is the Latest Mag to Offer High-Tech Shopping

Glamour Apothecary Wall

First the boys’ mags partnered with e-commerce, then InStyle opened a pop-up store in New York.  Now Glamour joins the editorial retail fray with a virtual — but totally shop-able — wall-turned-store in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District.

You can look but you can’t touch — Glamour’s new Apothecary Wall is totally virtual.

The “store” is, in fact, a virtual display, set up outdoors with scan-able 2D barcodes that correspond to a smartphone app.  Scanning any code on the Glamour Apothecary Wall lets passersby purchase products from brands like C.O. Bigelow, John Frieda, Elizabeth Arden, and Versace.

Right now the initiative is limited to beauty items (most of which are from advertising partners of the magazine) but if the wall’s a success, we hope we’ll soon see shop-able, outdoor 2D venues pedaling clothes.  After all, a virtual store on a wall comes with pretty low rent.  And as Glamour has already enabled smartphone-based e-commerce in several of its physical issues, they’d be the perfect publication to set it up.  Their current virtual shop — which is only up until next Tuesday — might be meant to cater to Fashion Week attendees, but we imagine the wall appeals to a pretty broad spectrum of smartphone-wielding consumers.

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