Benefits of U.S. Production Could Bring Back 'Made in USA'

Levi's Made in the USA

From clothing to refrigerators, domestic manufacturing is on the rebound, and the driving factor isn’t price.  While it’s still cheaper, at a base level, to produce goods in, say, China, numerous other advantages to at-home production are cropping up, and they could help spur the return of “Made in the USA” ubiquity.

U.S. manufacturing could be getting into position for us to see more ads like this one from Levi’s.

With more control over the supply chain, a faster development process, and far less expensive transportation costs, keeping manufacturing within the U.S. is becoming a more attractive prospect.  At the same time, a surge in retail patriotism — think Clint Eastwood’s Super Bowl ad — combined with an increased consumer interest in domestically- and locally-produced goods could create the perfect storm for American-made products to significantly rebound.

Even more notably, retailers might be falling into step with politicians where job creation is concerned. WWD spoke to Brian Meck, the VP of sales and marketing at Fessler USA (a Pennsylvania-based knitwear manufacturer) who said he’d recently been approached by two retail chains that specifically wanted to know how many jobs would be created if they opened accounts with his company.

The label “Made in America” is already making new inroads with its luxury image.  Now it seems that retail across the board is following suit.  Is at-home manufacturing becoming perfectly poised to take back its precedence, both high and low?  At any rate, we expect domestically-made goods are well on their way to become both more ubiquitous and more determinedly sought out.

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