Our 5 Favorite Curated Online Picks of the Week

Ghurka wallet

While perusing our favorite style curation sites this week, we kept an eye open for the best new accessories out there.  With the holidays just around the corner, the time seems right for keeping track of the most unique, pretty little things for both the women and men on your list.

The last wallet you’ll ever have to give, because they’re some of the sturdiest ones on the market ($180).

1.  Ghurka leather wallet on AHAlife:  If you’re going to give a guy the standard leather wallet as a present this year, at least make it a classic version that should last a lifetime.  Ghurka has been based in Connecticut since 1975; the company’s known for making some of the best quality American leather goods around.

Tough and delicate, these black diamond studs ($195) would make for a hit of a gift.

2.  Black Diamond studs on Of a Kind:  At $195, even if they’re petite, these studs from Brooklyn jeweler Blanca Monrós Gómez are probably the best-priced black diamonds out there. Of course, better act fast, since the earrings are only offered in a limited edition run of 15 pairs.

This African pouch ($80) makes for a unique alternative to a wallet.

3.  Yves Hide pouch on L-Atitude:  An offbeat wallet of sorts for the girls, this pouch ($80) from the Nigerian designer Adele Dejak makes a good conversation piece and serves as an easy-to-find item floating around in an oversized handbag.

This chic watch ($360) from Uniform Wares would be a great gift for, well, anyone.

4.  PVD Rose watch on Svpply:  Great for a man or a woman, this 200 Series watch from Uniform Wares ($360) is currently trending on style curation site Svpply, and with good reason.  It’s sleek and Swiss-made, and we can’t imagine any recipient who’d be unhappy to get it this holiday season.

This Lulu Frost bracelet ($228) is festive and makes for a charitable buy — 20% of the purchase price goes to the Pencils of Promise foundation.

5.  Double sawtooth bracelet on Community Collection:  Accessories designer Lulu Frost’s current boutique on the charitable site Community Collection has a great range of holiday looks.  Our favorite is definitely this festive, be-ribboned bracelet ($228) from which 20% of the proceeds goes straight to Pencils of Promise.

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