Even Plus-Sized Models Have to Change Their Bodies

Marquita Pring

Has anyone out there heard this before?  It was certainly a revelation to us: in an interview with WWD, plus-sized model Marquita Pring opened up about the expectations for size in the industry, and it turns out it varies a whole lot more at her end of the spectrum than for the usual catwalk girls (who, as we’re all tiresomely aware, are expected to be nothing but thin, thin, thin).

When it comes to what clients look for in the “plus” category, however, requests can range anywhere from size eight to 16.  So what does Pring, whose natural size fluctuates between 12 and 14, do for the upper end of the scale?  Well, she pads her hips.  Yep — one-and-a-half inch thick foam inserts, placed under skivvies, do the trick for getting up to a client’s desired size.

We think that’s nifty!  Now if only there was an equivalent device to help the size zero end of the modeling world craftily meet expectations while maintaining a natural body size.

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