Diet Coke Now Producing Fashion-Focused Content

Style it Light

Diet Coke is going all in when it comes to collaborating with the fashion industry.  First they paired up with Karl Lagerfeld for limited-edition bottle design, now they’re launching a fashion channel in conjunction with Yahoo UK.  The site, Style it Light, features style-focused galleries, reviews, and interactive content — it all just happens to have a lot of Diet Coke imagery hovering in the background.

Diet Coke’s new venture certainly looks like just another fashion-centric editorial site…

Overt references to fashion industry thin-ness aside (Style it LIGHT? Come on…), Diet Coke is apparently looking to center much of its marketing around the fashion world.  But while we’re no strangers to branded content, Diet Coke and Yahoo’s new channel might represent one of the weirder partnerships in marketing that we’ve seen (and we’ve seen a few).

That said, if it looks like an editorial fashion site and acts like a fashion site, then is it safe to call it such?  Coca-Cola’s new venture, however unlikely, might have the credibility to become yet another go-to for fashionistas on their daily web rounds.

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