Tim Gunn Talks With Design Guru Susanna Moyer

Susanna Moyer is a true inspiration in the fashion industry. From her years at Parsons to her time in Paris designing for Dior to her current role as Vice President of Design at Liz Claiborne, she has amassed an impressive amount of knowledge and experience about fashion, the business of retail, and designing for the modern woman.

And what better way to learn about her story than to have her sit down with beloved fashion maven Tim Gunn sit down for an intimate conversation? In this first installment of our exclusive three-part series, Tim and Susanna discuss her rise in the industry, her design goals, and her unique success story. (Look for the second installment next week.)

[Disclosure: Tim Gunn and Susanna Moyer both work for Liz Claiborne Inc., the financial sponsor of this site]

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