Net-a-Porter Live

Net-A-Porter Shows You What People Are Buying Worldwide

Based on a similar, in-office gadget, Net-a-Porter just added a real-time ticker to the bottom of their homepage that displays what customers are putting in their online shopping bags, adding to their wishlists, or sharing with friends on social networks.  Because Net-a-Porter has such an international customer base, what makes the feature particularly fun is seeing who’s buying what in, say, Singapore or Germany.  (And what they’re spending — along with listing the item and the shopper’s location, Net-a-Porter also notes the price.)

The site also launched a map that displays various items superimposed over the places where they’re being purchased.  We have to admit that it’s oddly addictive — you can see that someone in China bought Belstaff boots, while Miu Miu was being added to a wishlist in Korea.

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