Yahoo Brings In Bobbi Brown To Edit Yahoo Beauty

Bobbi Brown at Yahoo Beauty

Could probably insert some kind of commentary here about going right to the source — Yahoo, which is still in its makeover (hah) stage, has hired Bobbi Brown as the new Editor in Chief of Yahoo Beauty.

Brown, as we know, is the founder of the titular cosmetics company, so she knows her way around a beauty counter without any particular editing experience.  Will the approach work?  She’s written a number of books, so the prose chops are there.  Detractors will say the unorthodox approach also entails a conflict of interest, but that’s so obvious it has to be a wrinkle that’s already been accounted for and ironed out.

It’s an interesting decision from Marissa Mayer and her crew.  We’re curious to see the direction in which a beauty exec takes an editorial site.