This $299 3D Printer Would Be Perfect For Accessories Designers

Micro 3D printer

M3D printerWith a Kickstarter goal matched in 11 minutes, the Micro 3D printer (which lucky early backers will get for $199) is ready to go into production.  The final retail cost for this admittedly small machine is $299, reasonably accessible to many if not all of 3D printing’s aficionados and early adopters.

Given its small size, the M3D is ideal for small objects, jewelry, and not much else.  For fledgling and experimental accessories designers, the printer could be endlessly useful, allowing individual labels to co-opt for themselves the ability behind, say, Shapeways.

The device’s software will be interactive, touchscreen-enabled (so you can design everything from an iPad), and allegedly easy to use and to organize.  Meanwhile, the printer’s micro filaments should be affordable and colorful.  With the printer promised to ship between August 2014 and next spring, we look forward to seeing how jewelry designers, in particular, will make use of the machine.