DKNY Adding Start-Up’s Fashion ID Chips to Its Clothing


DKNY is partnering with Awear Solutions, a fashion discovery start-up, to make its clothing recognizable to random passers-by.  The brand is tagging 20 items, part of an initial test-run, with a chip tagged to a related app.

To kick off the partnership, the chips will be part of a game, with launch party invitees given items to find in the form of “eggs” in a related app.  The app will direct them to their chosen item, in a topical, retail version of an Easter egg hunt.  Ultimately, the idea is for anyone with the app downloaded to be able to scan fashion they see on the street, from a distance of 30 feet, to be directed to the exact item online.  The transmitters, implanted in the clothes/shoes/accessories, are machine washable, last for five years, and effectively turn the garment they occupy into a “smart” item.

Awear Solutions plans to launch officially in 2015.  For now, they’re working to establish partnerships with twenty brands besides DKNY.  Ultimately, consumers who buy items implanted with Awear’s technology will also have the option to opt out of having their gear be searchable.