Comme des Garçons Offers the Cheapest Piece of Tracey Emin Work You’ll Ever Buy


Tracey Emin, one of the premiere members of the Young British Artists, was reminded of a sculpture she bought in France when she designed her latest piece, which won’t be selling in a gallery or at Basel anytime soon.  The artist created the bottle for Comme des Garçons’ new fragrance, Serpentine, which is intended to reflect, fairly literally, a walk in Hyde Park.

The name Serpentine is itself for Serpentine Galleries, with whom the label partnered on the scent.  Hyde Park is nearby, and thus Serpentine the fragrance contains notes of cut grass, pollen, wood, and ozone.  Emin’s fragrant work of art will be available between April 28 and May 4 at the gallery, the Dover Street Markets in London and New York, and at Comme des Garçons’ Parisian fragrance shop.  At $90, it’s the most accessible Emin work on the market.

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