ASAP54, The Social Fashion App Offering Visual Search With A Personal Touch


At first glance, ASAP54 looks like many a social fashion app — follow other ASAP-ers for style inspiration, access cross sections of others’ searches to see what’s popular.  Where the app diverges is its visual search function.

Yet another “Shazam for fashion” that barely functions?  Nope.  The platform’s visual search technology matches users with options from about 150 retailers, which a typical service offered by a range of similar competitors.  ASAP54, however, was created with built-in customer service.  When the search function fails — and at this point, all visual fashion search services come up short at some point — users can turn to an in-house stylist team, who will send back five recommendations, across a range of price points, relevant to the original item search.

While the ASAP54 bills itself as a visual search tool first and a personalized styling service second, maybe the approach should be the other way around.  For a free app, the level of customer service is pretty unique.