Artificial Intelligence to Make Your Next Customer Service Call Much Better

artificial intelligence image

Retailers are turning to artificial intelligence firms to get more out of their customers’ feedback.  It’s a form of beneficent data mining, if you will.

Software like Luminoso, from MIT’s technology lab, and Kanjoya Inc., are able to make sense of the words in consumers’ qualitative responses in order to offer recommendations for companies that are actually relevant.  Kanjoya specializes in replicated emotional intelligence, and is even able to identify potential company wording that might upset customers, and in what parts of the country it would do so.  All of this would have been unheard of, say, five years ago — and now artificial intelligence analytics work well enough to kill the need for human analysts, at least in some industries.

As the technology matures, it also has the potential to make customer responses in the form of tweets and online reviews much more valuable.  Going forward, the brands who analyze these particular forms of feedback, with effective artificial intelligence technology, will probably stand the best chance at efficiently giving their audience what it wants.