With Tinker Tailor, Luxury Consumers Can Customize and Order Runway Looks From Their iPhones

Tinker Tailor

Something about this conjures the thought that “it’s good to be the king.”  Aslaug Magnusdottir, the fashion start-up investor who helped revolutionize how clothes are bought straight off the runway with Moda Operandi, is launching a new business to continue tweaking the model.  While Moda Operandi was the first Web-based platform that made it possible to order clothes, before they’d even been produced, through a consolidated online trunk show, Tinker Tailor lets women pre-order customized versions of those looks.

The new site will offer items from about fifty labels, including Rodarte and Alberta Feretti, with options to adjust sleeves, hemlines, and embellishments. Designers offer which looks and what details can be customized through Tinker Tailor, and customers will have to put down a deposit and wait a few weeks for the final item’s delivery. When it launches later this month, the site and 3D customizing tools will be accessible through both a desktop version and an app, meaning that for the first time ever, a very specific kind of consumer can order and personalize a six-digit Giambattista Valli gown through her iPhone.

To that end, something notable about the basis for Tinker Tailor is that it represents a filtering up in the fashion industry.  Despite its all-luxury stock, Magnusdottir took her inspiration for the site from mass market custom tools, like Nike’s ID platform.