With Nordstrom Launch, BaubleBar Continues to Bring Its Business Offline


BaubleBar, which has proven its expertise in online retail since its founding three years ago, is quietly moving into a department store near you.  Or at least, a store pretty near you.  After collaborating successfully and without too much fanfare with Anthropologie, the online jewelry start-up is opening Nordstrom Loves BaubleBar pop-up shops in thirty-five locations today.

The collaboration also extends to Nordstrom’s site, but the in-person experience is the core of the project.  Nordstrom is outfitting the retail spaces with custom design elements, while BaubleBar is packaging its wares a little differently, in order to vary the experience from their original online space.

Most significant, however, is the comparative value of sales in-store versus online.  BaubleBar found that average sprees were worth three times more at their physical outposts than on their site.  And with a figure like that, the department store partnership is promising, a fact Nordstrom, faced with recent losses, is betting on.