Google Previews Android Wear, The Watch That Knows What You Want Before You Do

Google Android Wear

Later this year, Google plans to introduce watches made in conjunction with Android Wear, a project that extends Android service to wearables.  The forthcoming devices are being designed to provide wearers with information they might want or need before they even know it.

Android Wear will provide what we’re used to seeing in smartwaches at this point, like health and fitness summaries, along with voice-controlled capabilities to answer search queries, control other devices, send texts, make restaurant reservations, and so on and on.  In its most advanced actions, Android Wear will offer wearers information based on their location and past behavior, in an attempt to make them completely dependent provide answers to questions they haven’t yet even asked.

Google is taking on Fossil as a fashion partner, smartly leaving the wearables’ exterior design to someone else, from the outset.

Check out a preview of what the watches will do,  here: