Fashion App Download of the Week: emotiKarl


While Apple promises to update its emoji icons to include more racial diversity soon (Miley Cyrus, of all people, complained), fashion people can circumvent the issue entirely through emotiKarl, a very literal group of Karl-approved emoticons.

Of course Lagerfeld, who has recreated everything from Coca-Cola bottles to stemware and hotel suites through the lens of his own worldview, has found a way to incorporate his signature sunglasses-sporting visage into your text messages.  Don’t worry, every iteration — and there are many — of the emoji versions of the designer’s signature gloved hands is free.  One way to look at the app is as the cheapest possible way to emblazon yourself with Lagerfeld’s designs.

At any rate, we hope the mostly black and white emojis make for some interesting, if bleak, future emoji poetry.