Beauty’s First Use For 3D Printing: Insane Manicures

TheLaserGirls 3D printed nails

Fashion and beauty continue to lead the way in producing the most arguably useful applications of 3D printing, like the DIY printer that will knit a sweater for you in less than an hour.  Build the printer, design a garment, voilà: clothing. Less fundamentally practical, but still totally wearable, are these bonkers press-on nails from TheLaserGirls.

3d printed dragon nailsProduced by New York-based digital artists Sarah C. Awad and Dhemerae Ford in conjunction with Shapeways, the nail sets are priced according to the increasing complexity of the designs. Basic press-ons will set you back about three dollars per hand, while a look involving a dragon’s skull for your middle finger (left, courtesy of TheLaserGirls) costs a little over $35. All the designs come in different sizes and are meant to be worn from 3 to 5 days. The nylon plastic from which they’re printed probably isn’t terribly porous, and at some point your tech-forward nails will need some air.

Given the viability of the nails, we’re hoping Awad and Ford will move into 3D-printed stick on earrings next. That would be the ultimate marriage between our favorite childhood look and the future.