Adidas Launches Techie Titanium Sports Gear

Climachill by Adidas

Climachill men's wearYesterday, Adidas launched a new line called Climachill, which keeps wearers cool through woven titanium and aluminum spheres.  Tennis, anyone?

The techie new sportswear, which is woven with SubZero, a flat yarn containing titanium, quickly conducts heat away from the body.  The company tested the product in climate-controlled chambers going up to 122°F.  The aluminum component are located in the shirts’ back, necks, and forearms, where they stay in contact with the hottest parts of the wearer’s body.  The idea behind weaving this level of technology, literally, into the line, is to improve athletes’ performance by keeping them cooler during training.

As far as the general area of fashion meeting tech, Climachill makes for a proven, outstanding example.  But here’s a question — does it go so far that it bends the rules?   Will this level of gear be legal for professional sports, be it a marathon, soccer game, tennis match, whatever?