Where We’re Getting Our Fashion Week Fix Online

Milk Made

Now that pretty much any and every show livestreams, while it’s comfortable to watch models stomp down the runway, in the moment, on our MacBook Air, it’s not so exciting.  For the Fall/Winter 2014 shows that begin Thursday, we’d rather peruse a variety of candid shots, backstage looks, and behind the scenes stories.

MB Fashion Week Instagram

To start, check Milk Made’s community photo blog, Live Uploads…and if you’re in the tents or elsewhere this week, feel free to sign up to submit your own shots.  As the second-biggest show hosting venue after Lincoln Center, there’s a lot of material to work with.  In a similar vein, the official Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Instagram feed is always a good one.  Even better are the organization’s behind-the-scenes short films, partly conceived by Leandra Medine, aka the Man Repeller.  And for something a bit more offbeat, we’ll keep up with the Pinterest account for Launch NYC, an alternative venue sponsored by Adorama, which is hosting a slate of small designers.  For something totally out of step with Fashion Week and yet completely in keeping with it, since it’s being run by Marc Jacobs, those in town for the event should check out the Tweet Shop, Jacobs’ pop-up that invites shoppers to pay for goods via their social media cred.

Of course, if it’s merely runway shots and straightforward schedule you want, take a look here.  Then, once you’re done checking on all this, no longer tied to a livestream-only schedule, you can get back to the Sochi Olympics.