Topshop to Use Oculus Rift to Create Virtual Front Row At London Fashion Week

Topshop Unique runway

While Tory Burch riffed on the traditional Fashion Week livestream by shrinking the display and dispersing it across the Web, in the form of live action sidebar ads, Topshop is making an equal and opposite effort at London Fashion Week with its own tech-enhanced show.

When the company presents its Fall/Winter 2014 Unique line at the Tate Modern on February 16th, a concomitant 3D virtual reality experience will be planted in the window of the brand’s Oxford Circus flagship store.  Five lucky viewers will don Oculus Rift headsets — for the unfamiliar, they’re a little like Google Glass — and be immersed in a virtual, 3D front row in which the live show is augmented with backstage and VIP arrival footage, set design recaps, and some animations.  For everyone else, there’s the usual livestreaming via Topshop’s site.  Or you can watch the watchers, since by taking part in the 3D experience, they’ll also be acting as publicity bordering on performance art for the brand.

In a nod to their High Street roots, watching Topshop’s show in person will be possible for anyone who can get themselves to the Tate this Sunday.  The runway will be visible and open to the public from various viewing platforms overlooking the hall where the stage is set up.

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