Pharrell, G-Star, and Sea Shepherd Collaborate to Clean The Oceans Through Fashion

Raw for the Oceans

Under the blue whale replica at New York’s Museum of Natural History, Pharrell Williams announced on Friday a partnership between G-Star RAW, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society USA, and Bionic Yarn, where Pharrell has been Creative Director since 2009.  Launching in August this year, G-Star’s “RAW for the Oceans” line will feature denim made with Bionic Yarn fabric, created from plastics recovered from the ocean.  Besides the new seasonal collection, the brand will also incorporate Bionic Yarn into its existing product lines.

Pharrell announces Raw for the OceansPharrell and his hat draw attention to the need to clean our oceans.

G-Star’s involvement is a commercial outlet for the Vortex Project, an initiative between Pharrell and environmentalist Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd’s founder, which takes waste from the oceans and shorelines, and recycles, enhances, and reuses it for yarn, fabric, and other consumer product elements.  Dredging plastic out of the globe’s oceans in order to turn it into clothing may sound like an extreme way to approach conservation, but Pharrell and Watson are known for outlandish behavior, though it takes divergent paths.  Pharrell wore a giant hat to this year’s Grammys and it upended every conversation about the awards show.  Paul Watson’s Sea Shepherd boats are known to ram into whaling ships as part of the group’s effort to stop the destruction of endangered wildlife.  (In a press release, the organization subtly refers to this technique as “direct-action tactics.”)

Since we can’t emulate Pharrell’s style without feeling insane, and our mom will never let us join Watson’s volunteer environmentalist crew, at least we can wear G-Star’s recycled plastic denim to help do our bit for the environment while tapping into the spirit of Pharrell-endorsed fashion.

Check out Pharrell’s ad promoting the Vortex Project:

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  1. Bretheren

    Very good to see this, but it’s hard to believe Pharrell really cares about the oceans, given his love of wearing the skins of animals that were brutalized just for their skins. He sounds like an idiot comparing leather to fur – I dont know PETA’s position on leather, but everybody (including Pharrell) knows cows are killed for food, and the skin is turned into leather instead of being thrown away. BIG difference between that and just killing animals for fur.


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