Kate Moss, Coming to a London Bus Shelter Near You

Kate Moss by Juergen Teller

If you’re in town for London Fashion Week and skimping by taking the bus, you’re in store for an aesthetic treat.  Juergen Teller is celebrating the “Year of the Bus” (this must be some British thing because it certainly isn’t the year of the bus stateside) by combining it with Fashion Week, staging a public exhibition of ten of his most famous fashion shots.

Look for Kate Moss, Vivienne Westwood, Bjork, and more, on the roofs of bus shelters at ten stops along London’s Strand, courtesy of Teller and the gallery Annin Arts.  The images debut today and will be on view until February 23. While you’re at it, stop by The Shop, a public pop-up put on by the British Fashion Council, designed to bring an open commercial element to London Fashion Week.

Bored, waiting, and not feeling the glamor of public transportation?  Make sure you board to the second story — in order to see the photos, you need to sit on the top of the double decker bus.  Don’t forget to look down!