Forget Editorial: The Best Fashion Videos We’re Watching Now

Hogan Nick Fouquet video

Is watching a glut of Fall/Winter 2014 runway shows leaving you wanting something more from fashion?  We’ve been moving onward and upward with the best of the latest editorial video from our favorite luxury houses.  These short films are the real source of our current inspiration, sartorial and otherwise.  They each embody, in very different ways, how fashion should go about promoting itself through film.

1. Miu Miu’s Spark and Light isn’t about fashion at all.  The seventh installment in a series commissioned by the brand, Miu Miu’s Women’s Tales, the eleven minute short by the Korean filmmaker So Yong Kim depicts a young woman on a journey, starting with a broken down car.  Not what you’d expect from an Italian fashion house, and very cool.

2.  Turns out the contemporary Mad Hatter brought to life is a one very handsome dude.  Hogan, as part of their own fashion video series, interviews the hatter Nick Fouquet in The Rebel Journey.  The short examines ideas about freedom and discovery, set against a romantically scenic California backdrop.

3.  The video isn’t shareable, unfortunately, but here’s a link to Fendi’s Fall/Winter 2014 show, including their drone footage.  Yeah, runway drone footage.  Welcome to contemporary luxury!