CuffLinc’s Founder Explains Her New Security-Minded Wearable Tech Line

CuffLinc necklace

Deepa SodWith so much of the wearable tech market focused on fitness, it’s good news when a platform with another purpose lands in our inbox.  Deepa Sood launched CuffLinc, a personal protection and connection alert system neatly housed in a good-looking jewelry line, last week.  With a design background, as the former Vice President of Product at Restoration Hardware, and a husband in the tech world (his company, Monsoon, is also developing Cuff’s software), Sood came up with the idea to put together a jewelry line with a Bluetooth-connected notification system “in the middle of one of our myriad conversations about the intersection of fashion and function.”

“We are offering people an aesthetic choice to what their tech looks like,” Sood explains, “It’s one thing to walk into work and see everyone with the same laptop — it’s completely different to see everyone in the same outfit, or with the same shoes.  We believe your wearable tech should fit your style.”  To that end, the alert system has a broad appeal, from “tech early adopters who love the idea of functionality but find the current designs a bit unstylish,” to “moms who want to be in touch with both their teenagers and their aging parents,” to the teenagers themselves, “who would like to be [consistently] connected to their best friends.”  (Hey, pressing an alert button concealed in a bracelet is faster than tweeting.)  It’s even a good present for the elderly, “who want a security system with a little bit more dignity.”

CuffLinc collection

Friends join each other’s Cuff circles, and when a member presses their device, others’ will start vibrating.  If a member of the circle doesn’t have or isn’t wearing their Cuff item, an alert will be sent to their phone, instead.  The alert system goes off only when someone responds.  The actual piece of tech, the CuffLinc, is interchangeable with any of the Cuff accessories — so you only buy the technology once.  It also needs to be charged about once a year, and is waterproof, for those among us who don’t bother taking off their jewelry to swim or shower.

Both more design and new uses for Cuff are on the way.  “We’ll not only have new collections each season, but we will also invite other designers to incorporate our CuffLinc technology into their jewelry, handbags and accessories,” says Sood.  “We’re excited to show you, in the next few weeks, some additional designs, as well as introduce another functionality.”