5 Accessories to Enhance Your Lover’s Tech Life This Valentine’s Day

Wellograph sideview

Valentine’s Day gifts, if they exist at all, should be pretty, expressive, creative, or all three of those things.  Unlike the rote combination of flowers/chocolate/jewelry (or a tie, if we’re talking about a dude present), techie gifts actually fulfill this mission.  They’re not cheap, but neither are you.  Replacing jewelry with one of the choices below also obliges a gift to be unique — a few require IOUs now and fulfillment later, as they’re launching slightly later in 2014.

LaCie Christofle sphere

1.  The LaCie external hard drive by Christofle ($490) is the prettiest bit of technology we’ve ever seen.  Handmade and silvered in France, with built in privacy software, the sphere is a pretty killer combination of practical and beautiful.


2.  Wearable tech in watchband form abounds, but it all looks so…techie.  Less dorky but equally high-functioning, give your fitness-focused significant other the Wellograph, an activity tracker that was designed to look like a nice watch.  The tech debuts this spring, so write a nice placeholder note for February 14.

Polaroid Socialmatic

3.   What’s a better way to celebrate your love than by documenting it?  Just don’t do so via the type of picture that starts with “s.”  (We mean selfies, you weirdos.)  Anyway, the Polaroid Socialmatic makes it easy to take and share photos, write cloying messages all over them, and then print them out.  Sign up now to get both colors, for you and your lover, this fall.

kate spade new york your pad or mine iPad cover

4.  What’s the holiday without a single tongue-in-cheek tech accessory? A sassy iPad cover, from kate spade new york ($65) follows the correct equation of pink + innuendo = Valentine’s Day.

MakerBot Replicator Mini

5.  Because you can make any little old thing with the MakerBot Mini ($1375), one of the more compact and appealing-looking 3D printers out there.  Except it’s not quite out there yet, with shipping beginning this spring.  But a 3D printer is the gift that literally keeps on giving, so sign up your significant other now, anyway.