Shoppable Street Style Done Right: MuseStyle


MuseStyle lookInternational, pretty, and high-functioning with tons of options, we’re feeling the streetstyle blog/shoppable style finder MuseStyle.

Laid out like Pinterest but with the posts coming solely from an international gang of stylish women, MuseStyle is great for digitally wandering from one fashionable look to another, while being easily able to actually shop them.  There are few apps that do this well, like 52Grams, but we have yet to encounter what amounts to a desktop street style site that just so happens to unobtrusively include with every photo all the relevant shopping info you could ever want.

What MuseStyle does is offer both the exact item, or items, shown on a subject, along with several related looks.  All of the options appear together, with their prices, with one click (and another click redirects you to a retailer’s site); if you’re just in it for the digital window shopping, don’t click and you won’t get all the shoppable noise.  A separate boutique contained on the site offers a decent spread of some of the featured top trends.  And though still in beta, you can also use MuseStyle from almost any country in the world.

While shoppable, Pinterest-style apps and blogs seem redundant at this point, few are offering a really well thought out, useful product.  The somewhat addictive MuseStyle happens to fill the space as competently as it does stylishly.