Shopify Makes It Easier Than Ever To Run An Entire Store Off Your iPhone

Shopify Mobile

The start-up making e-commerce easy, Shopify, is kicking off 2014 with new mobile features that make it possible for sellers, both online and off, to carry out transactions almost entirely via their iPhones.

Valued at almost $1 billion, Shopify is living up to its recent fundraising.  The biggest update to their newly redesigned iOS app, Shopify Mobile, is a payment feature similar to Square, which allows retailers to conduct transactions via an external reader that plugs into the iPhone.  This is notable because it brings store management and payment systems under one roof, to the exclusion of third-party players (like Square).  Efficiency central!  And in other news, the new app also allows retailers to send shipment notifications, get individual notices of new orders, update their inventory, adjust pricing, and photographically manage inventory (just by photographing new products and uploading the pics) all without leaving their phones.

Particularly with the advent of the incorporated swipe payment service, Shopify Mobile is one of the most advanced, usable online/offline commerce services there is.  We don’t have any plans to start our own retail venture anytime soon, but if we did, we’d undoubtedly use Shopify as our platform.