Sarah Jessica Parker And WeTheAdorned Launch a Limited Edition Accessories Site

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Sarah Jessica Parker signed on as the “curator” (quotation marks, ours) of an upcoming members-only accessories site from WeTheAdorned.  While the whole celeb-sponsored online shopping club thing took off and then slowed right down, WeTheAdorned’s venture will be selling in a different category, and for what they intend to do, the model might actually work.

Joining the site isn’t going to be free, and different payment levels and membership types are still being tested.  That sounds prohibitive, but the system might succeed if the site gets the price-to-access ratio right.  (Premium members will get early access to new releases, which will debut on Mondays.)  While most of the monthly shopping clubs that slowly release limited quantities of product operate such that items sell out, WeTheAdorned’s pieces will be produced in particularly limited runs.  And to that end, they’re working with some very fun designers, including Pamela Love, Erickson Beamon, and Lulu Frost.

Besides the household name designers, WeTheAdorned sets itself apart from membership shopping sites with a somewhat higher price point; jewelry will range up to $1,000.  Though it’s steeper than what we’re used to seeing, the high quality pieces will also be made in America.  Now will SJP’s involvement, who’s had her hand in fashion ventures both successful and not — who remembers the fateful Steve & Barry’s collaboration? — be a help or a hindrance?

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