Preview the Self-Made Victoria Beckham Documentary Via Skype

Victoria Beckham

We wouldn’t think the words “Victoria Beckham” and “Skype” would go hand-in-hand for a creative project, but the two entities have been working on a documentary of Beckham’s rise in the fashion industry, for the past five years — so pretty much from the beginning of Beckham’s design career.

The result, a part of the Skype Collaboration Project, is the aptly-titled Five Years – The Victoria Beckham Fashion Story, which debuts tomorrow on Skype’s site.  The project just uploaded a teaser of the documentary this week, and it looks like a promising view into the Spice Girl/designer/mom/David Beckham’s wife’s life.

Considering the gamut that fashion documentaries run — Valentino: The Last Emperor was both insightful and awesome; Lagerfeld Confidential, not so much — Beckham’s own work on herself could go in a few directions.  Either way, we’ll probably watch, even just for the cameos of the rest of the Beckham brood.

Check out the teaser, here:

3 Responses to “Preview the Self-Made Victoria Beckham Documentary Via Skype”

  1. Elle Wash

    I really admire Victoria Beckham and how she balances being a mum, wife, entrepreneur and being the best at what she does. So remarkable. I look forward to watching this documentary.


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