Our 5 Favorite Digital Things This Week

Pharrell's Hat

1.  The oversized hat worn by Pharrell to the Grammys inspires a Twitter feed, appropriately titled “Pharrell’s Hat.”

2.  Amazon created a Kindle checkout system for physical retailers, to launch this summer.

3.  Skype debuted a documentaryFive Years — The Victoria Beckham Fashion Story,  about Beckham, her family, and her career.

Garance Dore

4.  Formerly one-person operations, blogs across the board are staffing up.  Is this the future for the survival of personal fashion sites (even really popular ones like Garance’s)?

5.  Marc Jacobs’ coolest Fashion Week thing yet is going to be the pop-up Tweet Shop he debuts on February 7, where shoppers pay for goods with social media cred.