Our 5 Favorite Digital Things This Week

Apple targets ads based on mood

Glamour Fashion Scanner1.  Apple filed a patent application for a program to target ads at consumers based on their mood (the consumers’ — not Apple’s).  Among the ways the company plans to do this is by measuring the pressure you apply to your touchscreen and reading your body temperature and facial expressions.

2.  If you’re willing to do a little translation work, check out Glamour Paris‘s just-launched Fashion Scanner on Google+.  It’s a new community tool for hunting down obscure fashion and accessories.

3.  Fashion aggregator and general lifestyle finder site Lyst raised $14 million to partner with PayPal in order to keep up with businesses like eBay, growing the e-commerce part of its platform.

4.   Zappos re-launched their luxury site, Couture, with André Leon Talley in charge of picking products and editorializing trends.

5.  This Chanel video about a lion named Coco is weirdly majestic, features no actual Chanel: