Our 5 Favorite Digital Things This Week

La Malle Secrete

1.  A good a reason as any to brush up on your French, Louis Vuitton’s true-life Twitter feed, La Malle Secrète, follows the track of a lost vintage trunk.

2.  Intel and Opening Ceremony are collaborating on a piece of wearable tech.  Don’t know what it’ll do or what it will look like, but we’re looking forward to the device’s reveal, anyway.


3.  Speaking of wearables, new parents can track their babies’ health via Owlet, a forthcoming “smart sock.”

4.  In a bit of sad news, New York discount institution Loehmann’s has shut down its site, with the stores soon to follow.

5.  And in big news, Fifth & Pacific Companies, Inc. announced it is transitioning to become Kate Spade & Company.  We sat down with outgoing CEO Bill McComb, incoming CEO Craig Leavitt, and the rest of the top brass to get the inside scoop on the change.