Karl Lagerfeld Adds Posh Interior Designer to His Resume

Hotel Crillon

The girls at the Hotel Crillon’s annual debutante ball are already wearing Chanel, so why not let Karl Lagerfeld design the hotel’s innards, too?  All the better to wind up with an interior design scheme coordinated to the guests’ gowns.

From Coca Light bottles to five-star hotel suites, Lagerfeld is adding another arrow to his quiver, having been asked to design two of the suites at the storied Paris hotel.  (The Crillon is currently undergoing a full renovation and is scheduled to re-open in 2015.)  Lagerfeld’s star as a designer of luxury Francophone hotels seems to be on the rise, having recently contributed to the re-creation of Monte-Carlo’s Hotel Métropole, albeit only the exterior.

Interior design naturally follows Lagerfeld’s multitude of other pursuits, however, which have ranged in the past few years from wine bottle labels to one-off lines for Macy’s and H&M to, naturally, Swedish stemware.   For the lucky few who stay in a Lagerfeld-imagined suite, we’re sure the experience will be aesthetically delightful.