Intel and Opening Ceremony Collaborate on Wearable Tech That Does…Something

Diane Von Furstenberg Google Glass

After Diane Von Furstenberg and Google Glass comes another fashion-tech partnership.

It’s a bracelet, it’s technology, but is it a better looking than a Nike FuelBand?  With Opening Ceremony behind the design, the answer is a strong maybe.

At any rate, the fruit of Intel’s forthcoming partnership with O.C., as well as the CFDA and Barney’s, is mostly still a mystery.  The bracelet will be designed by O.C., sold at Barney’s, and have innards courtesy of Intel.  What the accessory’s tech guts will do has yet to be revealed, as does a release date.  Skeletal though this information might be, however, it’s still important news to the field in general.  Opening Ceremony’s involvement doesn’t just bring luxury fashion to the technology industry’s lunch table, it also gives it a validly edgy kick.

What’s not a mystery is that wearable tech, as of now, is still oft-considered the wearable provenance of dorks.  But if anyone can shift the image, it’s Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, O.C.’s founders.  And since the piece will come with such a fashionable background, we hope it’ll do more than just track our movements, intake, and calories burned (fashion doesn’t need more of that).