The Advent Calendar Goes Luxe — And Digital — For Christmas 2013

Hermes advent calendar 2013

As delightful as the basic cardboard advent calendars of childhood were, secreting away tiny, sugary chocolates or curious trinkets, our adult selves are enjoying the slew of digital versions from various luxury brands.  It’s only the 5th; start cracking these open now (and enjoy opening the days gone past all in one go, just like Mom never let you do as a kid).

Louis Vuitton Christmas calendarZoomed in on Louis Vuitton’s daily, advent-style gift recommendations.

Hermès’ branded advent calendar is housed on its Les Ailes microsite, the company’s venue for all things interactive, whimsical, and illustrated.  (Today’s gift: a pair of black suede boots that emerge from the brand’s signature orange box and gallop back and forth.)  Louis Vuitton, meanwhile, turned its digital advent calendar into an interactive, Snakes and Ladders-style game, which leads viewers from box to box (or rather, date to date), with a new Vuitton gift to discover at each square.  Christian Dior’s version is artier and less commercial, telling a visual Christmas story in watercolors, with a new short film each day that represents another chapter of the brand’s story in the lead up to Christmas.

Dior Yuletide Anticipation

Daily Dior videos lead viewers up to Christmas through beautiful, branded watercolors.

From partridges in a pear tree to ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, the holiday has always, at least culturally, been about the big lead up.  Why not digitally celebrate the entire month of December with branded but beautiful Christmas calendars?