Thanks to Deliv, Amazon-Style Same-Day Delivery Is Moving to the Mall

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DelivKeeping pace with Amazon, eBay Now, and the plethora of smaller retailers offering same day delivery services, your local mall will soon offer the same thing.  The start-up Deliv will drop your packages off at home after shopping sprees in malls operated by Simon Property Group, Macerich, or Westfield, throughout California.  And the service is growing.

Laden-down shoppers just need to leave their bags at a Deliv kiosk to have them dispatched to waiting drivers for later home delivery.  The service costs around $5, as does, for instance, eBay’s same-day delivery via courier in major cities.  Of course, to take advantage of Deliv, shoppers still have to show up to the mall.  On the other hand, with all the improvements different mall operators have been implementing over the past couple years in an effort to make in-person shopping less terrifically unpleasant, the addition of Deliv is just another intelligent layer of service.

Most important, though, it represents a substantial way that brick-and-mortar retail can compete with the ways that Amazon is fundamentally changing the entire delivery system for consumers (remember last week’s drones announcement?  We hope you haven’t forgotten that already).  The mall might not be employing their own fleet of drones anytime soon — and we really hope they don’t — but at least third party start-ups are making it easier and easier to keep pace.


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