PETA is Giving Away Fur Coats in Detroit

PETA in Detroit

From the department of awesome: PETA took a hundred fur coats, collected from women (and maybe a few men) who gave up wearing animal skins, and donated them to a homeless shelter in Detroit.

The animal rights’ group partnered with Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries and Bethlehem House to put the coats to good use by giving them to Detroit’s neediest citizens.  In doing so, they also effectively make the case that only those “who are truly suffering” have any legitimate reason to wear fur.   And with the recent spate of below-freezing days in the area, the donation comes a time it’s seriously needed.

While they’re at it, PETA is also giving away donated leather jackets, wool scarves, and angora sweaters (rabbit angora, if you hadn’t heard, recently came to light as the product of an incredibly cruel process, and retailers like H&M and Topshop are halting the use of the fiber).  If you have any animal-related outerwear you’d like to stop wearing, consider donating it to PETA, here.