Our 5 Favorite Digital Things This Week


1.  Overstock.com will be the first big, mainstream online retailer to accept Bitcoin as valid currency.   Should help distance Bitcoin from its perceived association with the dark Web, along with potentially adding some stability to the currency’s value.

2.   Whatever was under the tree just wasn’t enough, apparently.  Christmas day online sales grew 16.5% over last year.


3.   Speaking of the holidays, Amazon’s best-selling item in the personal care/health sector this season was the Fitbit, a digital sleep, health, and activity tracker.  And on to the Internet of Things…

4.  But before the Internet of Things can fully take off, the physical components necessary to facilitate online retail everywhere, all the time, have to function right.  Online shoppers are steamed that UPS and FedEx, faced with bad weather and a surge in orders, failed to deliver Christmas packages on time.  And they’re taking to social media to air their grievances.

5.  Ending on an up note, this Missoni spring campaign video, starring Christy Turlington and shot in the Canary Islands, previewed on Paris Vogue, is lovely:

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