Luxury Brands Send Their Holiday Greetings Through Humorous Animations

Lanvin holiday card

Some luxury brands opted for advent calendars this year, while others are sending out their general Yuletide greetings via clever digital video “cards.”  In particular, a couple luxury houses turned their own designers into cartoon avatars, spreading holiday cheer through charming, tongue-in-cheek animated snippets.

Dolce & Gabbana’s season’s greetings come in the form of cartoon-form Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce hanging bottles of their “The One” fragrance on a reindeer’s antlers:

Lanvin also went the joking route, with a short animation of Alber Elbaz gifting one of the brand’s “Love” necklaces to a lady falling off a ladder.  He’s also inexplicably carrying around a pink-clad dachsund, because why not:

Aren’t these sweet?   Besides being a good reminder that fashion should be fun at any level, they’re an effective way for designers to brand themselves and stand out in cluttered holiday season advertising, without coming across as terribly commercial.