Kate Moss To Be The Subject of a London Gallery Retrospective

Kate Moss retrospective

Kate-Moss-colours-availableFashion loves Kate Moss — obviously — but the art world does, too.  Moss is already the subject of numerous big, arty coffee table books (with the most definitive being last year’s self-penned Kate: The Kate Moss Book) and has posed for artists from Lucien Freud to Chuck Close.  Now the model’s getting a retrospective at London’s Imitate Modern Gallery.

The art director-turned-artist Russell Marshall tinted 10 prints of Moss, taken throughout her career and kicking off with a photo of her as a 14-year-old.  The portraits go on to depict Moss through age 39, fittingly, as the show celebrates the model’s 40th birthday.  Each of the ten works are available in ten colors, which are based on the type of color printing used for newspapers.

The show, Kate Moss: 40 – A Retrospective, is supposed to be Marshall’s way of conveying Kate’s status as a cultural icon.  We think it’s way more effective than that other thing celebrating the model’s 40th birthday, in the form of a Playboy cover…