In Recognizing the Signs of Domestic Violence, Employers Can Make a Huge Impact


Recently, major figures from media, fashion, sports, and more lent their faces and voices to an anti-domestic violence PSA campaign from NO MORE.

Though domestic violence is commonly viewed as a women’s issue, the impact of the issue reaches across a far broader spectrum.  On, Dr. Robert Pearl of Kaiser Permanente examines the economic impact of domestic violence and addresses ways that the issue can — and should — be recognized and curbed with help from employers.  After all, anyone employed spends the majority of their waking hours at work.


Bill McComb, CEO of Fifth & Pacific Companies, Inc., was one of the members of the fashion industry who lent their faces and voices to the NO MORE campaign.

According to Dr. Pearl, “employers are ideally suited to spot the symptoms of domestic violence and intervene.”  Moreover, they’re actually required to provide resources and support in order to create a safe work environment.  Particular retailers cited by Dr. Pearl who are already doing an excellent job providing workplace support include Mary Kay, Avon, and Home Depot.  For employers of all varieties, however, who aren’t yet up to speed, Dr. Pearl recommends promoting overall workplace awareness of domestic violence, training managers to recognize potential signs of the problem as well as how to approach employees about it, and making sure they have the resources they need to refer victims for further help and support.

Beyond the inherent tragedy of domestic violence, Dr. Pearl also points out that it has a significant negative economic impact, amounting to an $8.3 billion loss every year.  Employers have a range of incentive to create an open workplace environment to address the issue, which, ultimately, would be a hugely positive thing. The more the issue is brought front and center, the closer we’ll all get to breaking the silence that so often, and tragically, surrounds domestic violence and its victims.

To learn more about ways to curb domestic violence, read about the recent PSA campaign from NO MORE, the symbol devoted to raising awareness and helping the public talk openly about domestic violence and sexual assault.